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IT Solutions For The Accommodation Industry In Ireland


Working Together

“Guestbook provides an unequalled level of service. We believe our expertise in the area of Guesthouse marketing, accommodation management and IT infrastructure is second to none.  Our goal is to have a long term relationship where your success is also our success.”

 Pricing Structure

Guestbook does not charge commissions. We charge on the services we provide so you are always aware of your financial investment. Every business is different and each business has its own unique criteria. Estimating the investment required for an individual property is not something that can be done  with a pricing table on a website. We need to discuss your business with you. We have chosen the word “Investment” very carefully. Investment is both time and money and that investment will yield returns with the revenue you generate and the time saved.

We already know you are serious about improving your business. Now we need to know your requirements and the level of input you require of us. We tailor make our solutions to suit you. We are always up front and transparent about our prices. Owners of a six bedroom guesthouse can expect to invest between €3000 and €8000 in the first year for Web Design, Photography, Booking Systems, Social Media Marketing and Training. Depending on the level of input you require  annual subscriptions for our services start at €1500 per year.

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We need to discover what you want to achieve with your business and we believe you also want to discover exactly what Guestbook can do for you. Guestbook services may not be for every business and its possible you are not ready to take that step just yet. We understand this and that is why we have  a consultation period with each client. It gives us an opportunity to demonstrate what we can do for you and it also gives us a much more comprehensive understanding of your Guesthouse business.

We schedule a one to one meeting with you which normally takes a full morning or afternoon to complete.  We explain in detail what exactly we do to make your business successful. All the information we provide you with is yours to keep and act on as you wish. You can implement all our suggestions and strategies without ever employing us to do anything further. All the information, suggestions and services we advise you about are available to implement by you or many trained professionals in IT, Design and Marketing.

We are confident that the information will be of so much benefit to you that you will want to employ us. Our expertise in this area, is in our opinion, second to none. There is no other business that understands the Guesthouse business as good as Guestbook. We charge a flat fee of €399+Vat for the initial consultation and should you choose to employ us to implement the Guestbook management system we give you  a full credit for the consultation against your final invoice.

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